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Innovative Online Auction Services Through CTBIDS

Learn how Caring Transitions of Toledo can help you or a loved one set up a stress-free online auction in Toledo, OH and the surrounding areas

Caring Transitions is a well-known nationwide service provider that specializes in downsizing, relocation, auctions, and estate sales, among other things. They realized they needed an alternative for clients who didn't have the time or money to conduct a full estate sale in person, so they created a unique application that allowed goods to be sold online in a short period of time instead.

What Is CTBIDS and How Does It Work?

During a free in-home consultation, you'll first meet with the Caring Transitions team. We'll take a survey of the goods you'd want to include on our CT Bid items at this time. We can assist you with photographing and listing each item. Once they're uploaded, you can sit back and watch your belongings sell through our online auction platform, without having to disrupt your daily routine as an estate sale would.

What is the best way to price my items on CTBIDS?

The CTBIDS website will provide you with a variety of price alternatives. This is what distinguishes the application. You're never obligated to sell your stuff in a particular way.

The pricing options for our online estate sales are as follows:
  • Auction: During an auction, you set a price for your item and then let bidders handle the rest until there is only one person remaining to claim it.
  • Fixed Price: If you don't like the bidding process, you may establish a fixed price for your item that will not vary, and the item will be sold to the first buyer.
  • Classified Ad: Offering your goods on a classified ad will highlight the item's image, description, price, and shipping cost, giving you extra real estate in front of users. You must remove the ad after the item has sold.
  • Buy Now: All fixed-price goods are available for purchase right now. This occurs when an item is offered for immediate purchase from the vendor for a fixed price that will not change.
  • Reserve: If you want to try bidding but are concerned about meeting the item's value, you can set the price to Reserve. This gives you the ability to establish a price behind the scenes that the bidders will not see. If the price is not fulfilled at the end of the auction, you can resume it or consider the highest bidder.

Contact Caring Transitions of Toledo Today

If you'd like to learn more about the CTBIDS application and how Caring Transitions can assist you with selling your possessions online, call us at 419-574-9512 and we'll set up a free consultation for you. You may also contact us by filling out our online contact form. We eagerly await your response!